Saturday, 14 May 2011

Red Faction: Armageddon- A few snippets of information.

Red Faction Armageddon is the fourth instalment in Volition Inc's space-based shooter series. Each of the games in the series has featured extreme environmental damage, including huge explosions and sledge hammers to bring down buildings! This brings new, innovative ways to kill enemies and complete missions. No two people will be able to play the game exactly the same way. 

Now, I haven't played the first two games in the series, but I am aware that they were both set in the first person perspective. Having not played that, I cannot say whether I prefer the third or first person perspective for this series. However, I have played the third game in the series, Red Faction: Guerrilla. It worked extremely well, allowing you to view of everything around you, even behind you. This would prove helpful in falling buildings. You could look back to see a wall crumbling and quickly manoeuvre out of the way of the falling rubble so you don't get crushed. I very much liked the third person perspective, it's a change from the many first person games on the market today so I am glad they are sticking to it and not going back to their roots. 

The game will feature several new weapons, and bring back ones from Guerilla. The gun they have been publicising a lot in their gameplay videos and at various gaming expos is the 'Magnet Gun'. This new contraption allows you to fire at one object, and then at another and the first object flies towards the second! I have seen it being used in many innovative ways. You can shoot at an enemy and then at a building to send it soaring into a wall and watch it get crushed by metal girders. And of course, you can shoot two enemies and watch them headbutt watch other and fall over. That's pretty hilarious! The singularity bombs from Guerilla are returning but in the form of a rocket launcher! This sounds unbelievably destructive. Firing a mini black hole at building that are completely destructible, and then have them detonate afterwards? That's going to cause some serious damage!  I am very much looking forward to using the 'LEO exosuit'. I don't know when you will get this suit, but from what Volition said at E3 last year, it will probably be later on in the game. They described the LEO exosuit as "a robotic suit with powerful weaponry whose biggest strength nonetheless appears to be its ability to crash through structures with little effort. Darius piloted the LEO at full speed through a horde of aliens, splattering them on contact, and then brought down an infested building by crashing through its walls." Sounds exciting to me! I can't wait to get my in-game hands on that!

As you could probably tell from that quote up there, there are some brand new enemies including martian beasts! From the gameplay I've seen there are several types, and you have to fight each of them in a different way if you want to stay alive. There are of course humans in the game too, if you want to batter some people to death. I believe they are cultists, following their leader. They wear some pretty sinister looking spikes, and all look suitably evil. 

Here's a little video taken from 'G4TV' showcasing some of the new enemies and weapons that we will be seeing in Armageddon. 

The main story of the game is, apparently, much more forced upon you, meaning the game takes a much more linear shape rather than the sandbox approach of Guerilla. I don't know if this will be a good or a bad thing at this point, but I loved the sandbox style of Guerilla and I will surely be sad to see it taken out of the game. The plot consists of various settings, underground in mines and networks of tunnels made by the ancestors of the colonists. The colonists are now below the surface of Mars because the huge Terraformer was destroyed by a meteor leaving the surface inhabitable. The game follows Darius Mason, the grandson of the great Alec Mason from Guerilla. He is tricked into opening a huge mine shaft by a Marauder priest which awakens dormant species of marian creatures, which then proceed to come out and destroy settlements and murder the people in them. Nice. Darius must then join the Red Faction, save the people of Mars, and clear is name. Exciting, right? 

There will of course, be some multiplayer features in the game. There aren't many games that don't implement the online functions of today's consoles anymore. I remember Guerilla's multiplay being an awful lot of fun, smashing building with your friends, providing you have some, is a great laugh. They had the basic game modes, team death match, death match, capture the flag  and brand new game modes exclusive to the game. One of these was 'Siege'. A game mode in which one team had to bring down certain buildings while the other team tried to prevent them from doing so. I'm not sure why I've just described Guerilla's multiplayer experience because Volition have decided to take it out of the game for Armageddon! They have decided to go down the co-op route, creating and endless horde game mode called 'Infestation', in which players must work together to fight off incoming aliens. I welcome these co-operative game types with open arms, but come on Volition, why did you take the competitive games out! We loved those! 

The new 'Infestation' co-operative game mode.
So, there's a brief overview of the game. Personally, I am very much looking forward to this game. I enjoyed Red Faction: Guerilla an awful lot. I love the destructive abilities of the game, and I can't wait to try out the new weapons and bash in some alien heads!

Here are the release dates for Red Faction: Armageddon worldwide: 

North America: June 7

  • Europe: June 10
  • Australia: June 10
  • United Kingdom: June 10

  • I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, I should have more up in the future about all sorts of games, new release previews, games I'm playing and maybe even some reviews. Don't forget to follow me for more, and thanks for reading! 



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